Local Author Makes Free Face Masks For Cochrane, AB

Hi, I’m Historical Romance author Elizabeth Bramwell – better known in Cochrane by my real name, Gemma Noon, or “the one with the crazy hair”.

In early March, just before the lockdown began, my husband Adam and I decided that we needed to find a way to help stop the spread of Covid-19. Years of apocalyptic science fiction and a background in studying the way past societies have collapsed made us realise that while staying home was the absolute best thing we could do, the world would still need people to help make it function.

We invested the money we’d saved for our “rats we forgot our anniversary again” weekend away into 100% cotton fabric, thread, braided elastic, and most importantly, a new sewing machine lovingly referred to as Agatha. We now spend our evenings and date nights making and delivering masks all over our home town as our way of supporting and thanking everyone around us as we make our way through these strange times.

We make the masks for free as our way of contributing to the community effort to reduce the spread of Covid-19. The real heroes in this are the frontline workers who are literally putting their lives on the line to keep the world running; we need to remember that whenever we discuss minimum wages and the value of "service" jobs when this is over. There is no such thing as a menial job, and this pandemic should make us all see that it is the cleaners, the shop assistants, the care workers and the delivery people that are the fabric of our society (if you fall into any of these groups, thank you and please contact us for free masks). We are also aware that many people have lost their jobs or are worrying about the future, so we also provide masks, free of charge, to anyone with financial concerns at this time.

Please contact us at Masks@ChinookSun.com to request masks.

Our masks are 100% brand new cotton in a pleated surgical-style design. They include two around-the- head elastics so there is no pressure on the ears. Front line workers can request cotton masks with ribbon ties and a pocket for removable filters. All masks include a wire bridge that can be shaped over the nose for a better fit and to stop your glasses fogging up! Please note that we prefer to make the masks in pairs - you should not wear your mask for more than a few hours before washing it, so if you work long shifts let us know so we can make sure you have enough.

While we won't take payment for the masks, if you can afford it then please make direct donations to either Big Hill Haven Women's Shelter or to the Cochrane Food Bank. If you do have unused braided elastic or brand new 100% cotton fabric to donate, we will happily accept them to help in our effort to provide masks, free of charge, to everyone who needs them in our town.

100 masks down, only 32,000 more to go.

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